13 Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas For Your Dream Wedding

Want to make a style statement at your intimate wedding? Then check out these gorgeous bridal eye makeup ideas to be the most glamorous bride.

15 Jun, 2022
13 Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas For Wedding - blog poster

Your eye makeup adds a definition to your wedding day look. Eye makeup has always been the most beautiful element in bridal makeup. Any minute mistake in the eye makeup can spoil your whole bridal look. Because Eyes are the most attractive facial feature which reflects your personality. Eye makeup can turn your entire look and add a glam factor to your bridal persona. You will get a lot of options in bridal eye makeup. But you need to do extensive research on your eye makeup for getting that perfect bridal look. Keep in mind that you must always choose an eye make according to the time of the wedding function. For example, you must choose light eye makeup for the day affair and the bold glittery ones for nighttime. Also, make sure to choose an eye make that not only matches your outfit but also suits your personality. We’ve curated a list of one of the best bridal eye makeup ideas that you can pick for your big day. Look at these stunning eye makeup of brides done by best bridal makeup artist in kolkata.

1. Look At This Classic Gold Eye Makeup, One Of The Most Popular Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas

A gold hue looks beautiful on all skin tones and also compliments every shade of bridal silk saree. This classic gold eye makeup looks beautiful with heavy traditional jewelry and a banarasi saree. Adding voluminous lashes to your eyes will make them bigger and brighter. Our top makeup artist in Kolkata suggest brides to try opt for this gold eye makeup with a classic red and gold banarasi saree.

classic bridal eye makeup

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2. Loved This Rosy Red Eyes Of Bong Bride

Our all-time favorite is a rosy eye that complements the red bindi and lips of a gorgeous bride. It brings out the warmth in your eyes with a hint of glitter. A rosy red eye shadow with soft gold and a winged eye liner look is a superb option for all brides-to-be.

most trendy bridal eye makeup

3. Glittery Purple Eyes With Long Eye Lashes

What was the first thing that you found attractive in this bridal look? It’s definitely her purple eye makeup look. Give color vibrancy to your beautiful eyes by applying a purple eye shadow over a winged eye line. It will help you shine bright and mesmerize everyone on your wedding day.

sassy  bridal eye makeup

4. Shimmery Brown Are The Most Traditional Bridal Eye Makeup That Can Never Go Wrong

You can add glamour to your bridal look by adding a hint of shimmery brown eye shadow. This is one of the classic wedding makeup ideas that will make you stand out on your big day. Here the makeup artist has tried to create a 2D eye makeup look by blending the shimmery brown eye with a smokey eye effect at the outer corner.

eye makeup for wedding day

5. Let Your Eyes Do All The Talking With A Matte Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey bridal eye makeup is the most attractive eye makeup look for the wedding day. This kind of eye makeup looks good on dusky or fairer skin tones. Moreover, it complements both the ethnic and modern bridal look.

stunning bridal eye makeup

6. Glittery Pink Eye Makeup With Pink Lips Make A Great Combo

Brides with a lighter skin tone can opt for glittery pink eye makeup. If you are going to wear a pink saree on your wedding day then this is the perfect option for you. In this picture, an experienced makeup artist kolkata has drawn a beautiful winged line. It extends beyond the length of her eyebrows giving her a goddess-like look.

subtle bridal eye makeup

7. Shimmery Wedding Eye Shadow Ideas With Long Lashes

Here’s yet another beautiful eye makeup look of an Indian bride. She has contrasted the shade of her silk blouse with her eye makeup look. This metallic green eye shadow with a hint of black is a good one to look like a glamorous diva at your reception ceremony.

shimmery bridal eye makeup

8. Rosy Pink Eyes With Voluminous Lashes Are The Most Gorgeous Ones

The next one on this list is a rosy pink eye makeup for the brides who love pastel. The rosy pink eye makeup accentuates the beauty of your eyes and complements your highlighted cheeks very well. You can intensify this look by using a peach shade lipstick that will go well with your pastel outfit and pretty eye makeup.

beautiful bridal eye makeup

9. Simple Bridal Eye Makeup For The Minimalist Bride

Nude eye makeup is the most simple bridal eye makeup preferred by modern brides. If you don’t like a heavy makeup look then you opt for this simplistic eye makeup look. To enhance the beauty of your attractive eyes you can add voluminous lashes to give them an intense look.

simple bridal eye makeup

10. This Bride’s Dramatic Blue Eye Makeup Is Way Too Glam!

Are you one of those brides who love to add a dramatic twist to the bridal look? Then take a cue from this lovely bride who has opted for a dual eye makeup look. Give a color vibrancy to your eye makeup by choosing two different shades to complement your contrasting outfits. The application of blue shade with a smokey touch is making this bride look like a glamorous diva.

colorful bridal eye makeup

11. A Cat’s Eye Makeup Is The Perfect One For the Most Stylish Bride

The cat eye look is the perfect bridal eye makeup for brown eyes. Here the makeup artist has tried to draw the eye liner and eye shadow in an elongated shade to create a cat eye look.

attractive bridal eye makeup

12. Combo Of Smokey & Metallic Eye Makeup Is A Sure Shot Win!

Metallic eye makeup is the best bridal eye makeup for a pre-wedding event. This eye makeup look works well with bridal lehengas and banarasi sarees. Adding a hint of smokey effects in the eye corners is sure to wow everyone.

latest bridal eye makeup

13. An Off Beat Eye Makeup For A Memorable Reception Day Look

A magnetic purple eye makeup look is sure to dazzle your better half. This off-beat eye makeup look can help you to make a bold statement at your wedding receptions. It adds depth and drama to your beautiful bridal look.

offbeat bridal eye makeup

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