Find The Best Wedding Photographers In Kolkata Now!

Browse through this list of best wedding photographers in Kolkata for getting stunning wedding photos. Keep reading to know more!

30 Nov, 2022
Find The Best Wedding Photographers In Kolkata Now - blog poster

Couples who are getting married want everything to be perfect in their dream wedding. With the excitement of marriage begins the stress of looking perfect in pictures. That’s why Bengali brides spend a lot of time choosing the best bridal makeup artist in Kolkata.

Even after getting the most glamorous bridal makeover, your wedding pictures come out as a great disaster. This is why you must always check the efficiency of a photographer before hiring them. Professional wedding photographers have the training experience and equipment to take high-quality pictures.

These pictures will let you relive the joy, love, and happiness of your wedding day for a lifetime. If you are also looking for the best wedding photographers in Kolkata, keep reading this helpful guide. Here you will come to know about the well-known names in the wedding photography industry.

1. Sombit Dey Photography

Sombit Dey Photography is a team of renowned photographers in Kolkata for wedding photography. They are experts in capturing all your wedding moments in the best possible way to provide you with the most artistic clicks of your wedding. They have worked with the top makeup artist in Kolkata and provided spectacular bridal portraits. Sombit Dey’s team offers you a plethora of wedding photography services to provide you with the best photography experience.

Insta Profile: sombitdeyphotography

Sombit Dey Photography

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2. QpidIndia

QpidIndia is one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata specializing in candid photography. They travel to various locations to capture surreal wedding moments. Their team members make sure to Create a friendly environment to click the most captivating portraits. They take wedding photography as their passion which helps them deliver high-quality pictures.

Insta Profile: qpid_event_photography

QpidIndia - wedding photographer

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3. Rig Biswas

Rig photography aims to please its clients by implementing new and unique ideas in their wedding photography. They are known as the best Bengali wedding photographers in Kolkata who knows well how to capture our rich culture in still pictures. They are experts in story-telling and hence created innumerable romantic wedding diaries. Rig photography team is open to travel for outstation weddings with stays arranged by their clients.

Insta Profile: rig_photography

Rig Biswas - wedding photographer

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4. Milan Magic

The wedding gallery team is the most famous photographers in Kolkata to capture dreamy wedding portraits. They focus on every smallest detail and bring them to perfection with their photography skills. Their highly-professional photographers use modern tools and equipment to create stunning visuals. They leave no stone unturned to capture the real essence of a traditional Bengali wedding.

Insta Profile: _theweddinggallery_

Milan Magic - wedding photographer

5. The Weddart

The Weddart is a well-known candid wedding photographer in Kolkata who has been working for more than 5 years in the wedding industry. Their talented wedding photographer uses unique ideas to deliver exceptional wedding photos. They believe every couple has a unique story to tell that can be presented in the most dramatic manner.

Insta Profile:theweddart

The Weddart- wedding photographer

6. Symphony Of Shutters

Symphony of Shutters is a group of talented photographers who specializes in candid photography. They have a unique approach to presenting romantic couple stories. Their Bengali wedding couple photography brings out the magic in your wedding pictures. They are also good at pre wedding photography kolkata.

Insta Profile:symphonyofshutters

Symphony Of Shutters - wedding photographer

7. The Frame Maker

Based in Kolkata this is one of the best candid wedding photographer who knows how to capture the real moments. They have been in the wedding photography industry for the last 7 years and have come a long way in a very short period. Their experienced photographers have mastered the art of capturing candid moments with passion.

Insta Profile: The frame Maker

The Frame Maker- wedding photographer

8. Candid Affair

Candid affair is famous for its unique Bengali wedding photography poses. They have been working in the industry since 2013. And helping couples preserve their special moments into wonderful memories. They specialize in candid wedding photography Kolkata. Their style of capturing candid images and playing with natural lights ends up in the most spectacular wedding photos. They are ready to capture all your wedding events using their high-quality equipment.

Insta Profile : candidaffair

Candid Affair - wedding photographer

9. Srejon Imagery

Srejon Imagery is known for its best candid wedding photography. They focus on capturing real feelings and pure emotions through their camera lens. They have to build a strong reputation in the wedding industry for creating the best wedding pictures. They have been admired countless times for their unique ideas and stunning works.

Insta Profile : srejonimagery

Srejon Imagery - wedding photographer

10. Sanjoy Mahajon Photography

Sanjoy Mahajon photography is a one-stop solution to make your wedding day memorable. They are also known for the best pre wedding photography in the city. They specialize in cinematic wedding tales and pre-wedding shoots. He uses his unique sense to portray all the wedding day emotions through his cinematic style of wedding photography in Kolkata.

Insta Profile: sanjoymahajanphotography

Sanjoy Mahajon Photography - wedding photographer

11. Pixonova

If you are looking for someone who can make your wedding photographs effective enough to grab the eyeballs then you must opt for them. Pixonova is a professional Bengali wedding photographer who is passionate about creativity. The owner of Pixonova, Rishav Chakraborty uses his technical skill to create wedding stories. He makes sure to feel the couple comfortable during the photoshoot by clicking the best couple shots.

Insta Profile: PIXONOVA

Pixonova - wedding photographer

12. DM Digitals

DM Digitals creates excellent wedding photos that are sure to draw a couple's interest. They have work experience of 15 years in the field of Kolkata wedding photography. They can provide you with the most attractive photos of your special day. They offer budget-friendly photography packages to their clients. And also travel outstation for documenting destination weddings.

Insta Profile: DM Digitals

DM Digitals - wedding photographer

13. Ritabrata Mukherjee Photography

Ritabrata Mukherjee let you re-live every moment of your big day through his artistic wedding portraits. He is experienced in capturing short glimpses of your beautiful wedding ceremonies. His photography style can bring fantasies to life. He specializes in wedding, pre-wedding and candid wedding photography. Each photograph clicked by Ritabrata Mukherjee is filled with love and innocence.

Insta Profile: ritbrata mukherjee photography

Ritabrata Mukherjee Photography - wedding photographer

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